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ESG Reporting for Beginners – 10 Helpful Tips

In the corporate world, sustainability was long considered a “nice-to-have”. However, due to increasing regulatory pressure and ever louder demands from investors, customers and other stakeholders for sustainable corporate governance, there has been a fundamental shift in perspective. Companies are increasingly being evaluated on the basis of their ESG performance and sustainability has now become […]

ESG Reporting for Beginners – Ten Mistakes in the Creation of the First ESG Report

ESG Reporting for Beginners

Sustainability has now become an indispensable requirement in the corporate world. On the one hand, legal requirements continue to increase, while on the other, a company’s sustainability activities are playing a central role for more and more stakeholders. For example, banks now often link their lending conditions to a company’s sustainability performance. In addition, the […]

Transparency and context essential for staying in business?

Why Transparency and context in ESG/Sustainability Reporting are essential for staying in business? In today´s corporate landscape, transparency, context and therefore quality emerge as the cornerstones of trust, especially in the realm of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting, which is decisive to obtain good ESG ratings and then, better access to new markets. Our […]