Global ESG Monitor

Impact through data

The Global ESG Monitor (GEM) assesses the ESG transparency of companies around the globe. It does this by examining 185 ESG reports from 140 companies that are listed on some of the world’s largest stock market indices. 


The global report provides an assessment of non-financial reporting for listed companies in Germany, Europe, USA, and Australia. View our Global ESG Monitor Report.


Companies across the globe have been ranked based on the quality of their non-financial reporting. View the company rankings.

Why transparency matters

The Global ESG Monitor (GEM) is founded on the belief that corporate transparency is the foundation to solving local, regional, and global sustainability problems. 

Greater transparency:

  • Improves corporate accountability towards stakeholders and society at large.
  • Helps companies to identify and address existing and potential sustainability impacts. 
  • Increases the available data that can be used to solve sustainability problems. 
  • Builds trust and supports partnership between the private, public and civic sectors. 

For this reason, the GEM seeks to track the global state of ESG transparency. The GEM aims to challenge organisations to never cease looking for ways to be more open and transparent with their stakeholders.

Want to know more? 

The GEM is designed to provide corporate decision makers with an evidence-base that guides best-practice ESG reporting and true transparency for investors. 

The breadth of GEM data provides an opportunity for deeper analysis, for example across individual companies, specific sectors and peer groups. 

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